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       It is my personal opinion that if you need a home inspection and find it more of a financial drain, or are just plain being tapped out of your hard earned money, don't avoid getting an inspection. Let me know and we can work out a price that is affordable to you. I feel an inspection is also for your safety and a life is more important than cash. For this reason, please call me, explain to me, and lets get you inspected! 

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Curley Home Inspections uses the newest software for all reports. These reports break down all areas of the home including the roof, the foundation, drainage, electrical and many, many more. Pictures are included where needed to detail areas and avoid confusion.  Personal notes may be found. Most all homes need something and we all expect that. Most people don't often see things that could someday be a problem. We try real hard to search out and make note of all we can find whether it is good or in need of repair. Remember, this is your investment. 



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